Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire...

heard that song today, while clearing my inbox of the Publisher's Clearinghouse emails I get...
what would I do if I actually won the million dollars a year for the rest of my life?? omigoodness, lots of ideas on how to blow the money right away, but frankly I would get bored quitting my job and trying to live off that money.

SO, here's my current thoughts:
**Year One: pay off student loans, put away money for upcoming years at school. Buy a new wardrobe!! (and maybe a closet organizer)
**Year Two: hire Mike Holmes to do whatever my parents want to their house (bay window, egress for the basement, man cave, kitchen appliances, etc)
**Year Three: Joey and I get new cars!! both ours are paid off now, and mine will deff last that long, his might have to bought earlier. Also maybe all the sisters can take a vacay together?
**Year Four: Build a dream home. Until this time we could continue living in our little cute two bedroom and saving money, so we would have the excess from the first 3 years, plus this year million. It would be a good house. Hopefully by now I would have a big kid job so I would know what city to build in as well.
**Year Five: .... I have no clue, What will I need in 2015??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Decmeber 25th

Merry Christmas!!!

wooo, I thought exam week was tough, just proves I've never worked retail at holiday season. Got some overtime last week, and my body is feeling the two jobs... feet are ready to fall off. But I only work 8hours there this week, so perhaps I will finally relax and update this blog.

time to wrap an unfinished knitted present, and make up to head to Christmas

everyone stay warm, travel safe, and have a joyous holiday! <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this is not an update...

but an update is coming!!
last week of classes, had a test yesterday, hand in final due Thursday, test Friday and final exam Monday.... so after all that, I will get pictures up!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just curious

why does no one make mix tapes anymore?? I mean really... they just sound so much fun, and I get that no one has a tape player anymore... but even CD's, does anyone still put together a play list and share it with friends in that way anymore??
hmmm, just a thought.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

study break

Little update on the stain glass blankie, still need a couple more pieces, then the black edging around each piece, and finally the long black pieces on each side. Lots of finishing touches, but the main knitting is nearly done!!
Getting close to done with Christmas shopping too, tried to limit the knitting gifts this year, just not enough time with school, two jobs, and a boyfriend that would rather I put the needles down and cuddle :-) Though I still seem to knit more than study... hmmm, maybe I should start an etsy shop and quit one of my jobs?? Don't know that I would be able to produce sellable items I could finish fast enough... something to think about, back to physics for now

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forgot to mention

My Chloe plaque was shown in expecting momma's blog :-)

in other news... lots of studying Today and Tomorrow!! As much as I try this physics exam isn't finishing itself....
but since I tend to knit when avoiding studying (or clean) there may be a post update on some blankets soon!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

late update

Halloween crafting is my favorite!! I love coming up with ideas for costumes, and going Goodwill shopping and things... but I didn't have much of a plan for this year, last year the roommates did Spice Girls, we looked AWESOME
so then, my good friend at work talks the boyfriend into being sponge bob, easy costume, she even offered to paint the pants, and all he needed was a yellow shirt!
so began my search to be Sandy the squirell
Sandy Cheeks is the only girl in the Bikini Bottom, (other than the puffer fish, and lets face it who wants to dress up as a bloated drivers ed teacher?) Unfortunetly no one sells fish bowls big enough for a human head to fit in... and apparently they don't even sell astronaut helmets, or anything similar to the bubble I would want for my costume. Closest thing I came up with was a giant hamster ball (for guinea pigs or ferrets, etc) but even though it had over a foot diameter, my head didn't fit in the hole (Friend commented that it was probably child proof, darn)
Back up plan!! Sponge-bob's pet snail, Gary...
grabbed an extra box from work, and painted my "shell" the night before the party, lets just say... we looked good :-)
no one seemed to get a good picture of the Bikini Bottom gang, but Gary, SpongeBob and Patrick Star still had fun :-)
Trick or Treat...and Crafting, success

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby showers!!

Yesterday seemed like it was going to be hectic. I had class in East Lansing, then a baby shower on the west side of Lansing, then work even further east than East Lansing... lots of driving, and everything one right after the other. BUT it went smoothly. Class was a test, answered the questions quickly and confidently (and hopefully correctly) and managed to get out after just about fifteen minutes. That let me drive across town and get to the baby shower at DTDL in no time. The ladies were glad to see me, and had lots of questions about the 12 days afghan. I filled them in on how great it was finally going (even though I'm procrastinating since its all ends to be sewn in right now) and we crafted and chatted for a good half hour, then Lisa opened her gifts.

Here's the final look on how all my pieces came together
so cute. I couldn't fit all the animals, and the lion got left behind, but I still like the final look. I was kinda wishing as I fiddled with placement that the animals weren't all facing left! Oh well, I would use those little guys again!

Speaking of baby showers, another one on Sunday! but I already gave the momma her blanket, and you have all seen pictures of that. I'll be in Indiana for a wedding Saturday, so I didn't know if I would be getting to town in time for the shower. I still plan on stopping by and seeing the girls, the invitation asked that in place of cards for the new momma everyone bring a book. Good thought, so Joey and I have gotten a little book... but where do you sign it? :-)

In other non crafting news, I have a friend from high school that has joined the Peace Corps. She's in Vanuatu, of the Pacific Islands. Its one of the most humid places on Earth!! so to help her out, I'm collecting silica gel packets from work.Boy do I have a lot so far!and those pictures don't include the bunch I got last night!! Going to ship them soon so they don't take over my closet! Hope her clothes stay mold free :-D

Well, no work today, studying and class, and maybe a little knitting too. Better get back to that studying before I decide the TV can be turned on and fully distract myself.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday crafting

didn't have to work the lunch shift!! woo hoo, so since there's a baby shower Tuesday at the Delta Township District Library Crafters club .... guess I should put something together for the little one

Lisa is not the type that I thought would want a baby pink filled room... so I tried to limit myself O:-) and since she had a baby animal theme going I grabbed a couple little wooden/felt guys to adorn her name plaque (didn't really limit myself there)
Don't know how its all gonna fit together, but I got up this morning and did the painting while Joey slept. Now we've got the Ohio State/Illinois game on, pizza and breadsticks, ready to settle in for a relaxing crafting afternoon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well I've been in the new apartment a month and a half, so its time to get some color up on the walls! I painted this shelf a while ago, but we still haven't put it on the wall. Now the plan is to add a couple screw-in eyelets and chain and hang these plaques I put together.

Then I guess everyone will know who lives here :-) Joey doesn't want it hanging on our door though, he wants it inside so its a little silly. but oh well.

At my first apartment, when I was SUPER broke I started painting picture frames because you can get them for a dollar, paint is cheap enough, and it wasted time so I wasn't spending money. Plus, it makes an apartment a little cozier with a splash of color and smiling faces all around.

These are the frames I just painted to add to our hallway of photographs. Now that there's a steady job I can afford to get glass in them as well. So I'm slowly doing that, but I don't know what to add to these three to give them a little something more.

In knitting news, the 12days are still going great, loving the entre-lac blanket even if I did make it huge now, instead of just a little lapghan.

This is the start of my new project. Have to add two more colors to the palate and there will be black surrounding each of these little blocks. When everything is said and done it will look like a stain glass window.
Also need to get started on Christmas, thinking more and more about using my employee discount at Things Remembered, we shall see... but I better get started soon!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quickest baby blanket ever

The mother still does not know the sex, but I'm ready for this baby shower!!

check out my sweet crochet border. Its called a reverse single crochet, and it kinda twists around the outsides evening everything up.
Successful first time crocheting (other than just trying the stitches in a strip)

Thanks Lion Brand for putting this pattern in my newsletter, it was gorgeous and fun!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


the camera is missing as I pack up this room to move into a new apartment. Baby blanket is finished and I love it, I don't wanna give it up. Luckily baby shower is a while from now so I can admire a bit longer. Wish I could show it off, but ... well I just don't know where that camera slid off to.
for now the never ending X-mas afghan is my project. but a new afghan will soon be started, waiting to be settled in the new place before I buy more yarn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

quickie update for those interested

Finished the entrelac baby blankie, little bigger than the pattern said because i can't count and like there to be an even amount of colors... either way, its all knitted up, my least favorite part the sewing in ends is left to do, and then the crochet border. Problem is I pulled a glute trying to pack up my room for the move at the end of the month.

So I'm laying on the living room floor with an ice pack on my bum and watching tv rather than sitting with knitting in my lap

Pictures to come when I am able to sew those ends in, and the fun of a new project! (don't know which project I wanna start up next)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

knitted item spotted

Baby Kira saying goodbye as Daddy deploys for the next year.

Best blankie to bring, on a windy day at the base?? a hand knit of course.

Haven't seen the little girl in a few months as Mommy got a new job, but its nice to know she's getting great use out of my gift.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A month later...

Yesterday was father's day... and I haven't updated since mother's day. Guess I should let you in on whats been happening this past month (and a half).
First off, the slippers felted and comfy!
though they almost don't need the strap or button... and I just haven't had time to put those finishing touches on. Definitely a quick project that I loved a lot, I'm sure more will be made for Santa to drop off.

A coworker has discovered that she was 11 weeks along, and finally a project I'd been wanting to do since last Sept. had a purpose. I went out RIGHT away (after work) and bought the yarn. Its multi-color so it will work for a baby of either sex.I love it, and its FAST! since I'm about a third done and it's only been a week. It will have a crochet border, which might take me a while, since I'm not a crochet-er, but it inspired me for the X-mas blanket, this type of criss-cross block might be perfect, if I can just figure out the right sizing. Its a lot of picking up stitches and knitting/purling together in opposite directions, then short rows for the triangles, so maybe.

Another project I want to try, perhaps for myself and my new job.Its from LionBrand Yarn, (as was the baby blanket) and I really like the shape. It's meant to be fitted, so I worry about my gauge, but it would be nice in a charcoal with black pants for work. Or in black with gray pants... and it also might be a good item for Santa to have. Have to finish the baby blanket, and perhaps the X-mas afghan first, but its on my "want to do" list.

The "need to do" list includes laundry, so I guess this post is completed, and I'll try to knit more and update more.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

This update is especially for my mother who waits "patiently" for pictures of projects.
So first off the slippers are sewn together, ready to felt.
yes, there are a couple ends to sew in, but they will be thrown in the washer within the hour.

Next, the never ending blanket that is at a pause as I decide how to proceed.
I didn't really like the mitre squares I was going to attach in those empty areas, so I'm thinking either use my circular needle to mitre two triangles in... or use double points to fill it in. Currently the double points are being used for a secret project.The boyfriend is a HUGE Tigers fan, so I'm working on a hat for his birthday. The problem is he has a big head (7 5/8 hats) And I'm not very experienced with color work of this type. The first hat was much to tight for my testers, and actually fit me the best! So I'm working a bigger hat now (when's he's not around) and trying to be looser about carrying my yarn in the back. I may just have to sew the design on top if this second hat still is too tight.

Another picture of the 12 Days:

Two more pieces, nearly ready to attach.

Love you Mommy, hope you have a good day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

quick note

thanks to my wonderful mother, I'm taking the class. In one session I was 4-6 rows away from all the pieces to a complete slipper!! I'm taking the yarn with me to work so that if I get a break I can get going on the second one.

Pictures to come Monday or Tuesday when I'm not working a double...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advice please

So, as noted by the never ending project (that soon should be 3/4 put together) afghans take a LONG time for me. When you work 40 hrs a week, like to get a full nights rest, and have to make time for boyfriend/roommates there is little time left for knitting. I had a thought of getting a second job (leaving even less time for knitting) to help out with bills, especially during summer since thats the slow time at work. Then I had an epiphany! I should apply to work at ThreadBear! I could knit at work! Though I didn't know if they were hiring, it sounded fun.

So I got on google, and searched a little to find their site, and got caught up looking at the classes they were offering... now I want to go! (and spend money) but one class in particular sounded great, and would be perfect for Xmas presents that wouldn't take as long as an afghan. So I looked a little deeper... I can go to the class for $25 plus yarn, or I can buy the pattern off etsy for $7.50. I need to decide soon if I'm going to the class!! (the first of two sessions is Saturday)

Comments needed!

Monday, April 19, 2010

warm fuzzies

Well I spoke too soon about not knowing anyone expecting. As soon as I went to knitting club (Delta Township District Library) Lisa tells us she's expecting! Congrats to her :-)

This past weekend I traveled back to my college town of Defiance, OH to see the sorority girls. It was wonderful, I miss those girls so much and seeing how they have grown and changed since I graduated is always fun. When I was involved 13 girls was about the biggest we got. They are at 21 and still inviting more girls into the sisterhood! It also gave me a new craft project for them. I had to make 20 or so "warm fuzzies". Just little balls of yarn really. There was a whole story to go along with it, but the greek storage room flooded a few years back :-\ and we lost it.

One of the older sisters also offered me a job this summer!! wooo! Its not forensic chemistry, but it could be a little forensic anthropology. Mostly it will be archaeology which will still be fun, and it'll be a good month away from the restaurant business. Final details still to come, but its always good to add something new to your resume.

My room needs some desperate cleaning, but my knitting is calling to me, so I think television with needles in hand this morning will happen. Light work schedule this week, (until I pick up extra shifts) so I'll find time later... perhaps

Monday, April 5, 2010

So this was the start of Mom and Dad's Christmas afghan. (Its a partridge in a pear tree). I found the charts at another blog. but I used a different technique than her patterns show. Its called double knitting. The pieces are reversible, but exact opposites (green tree on red background, bird facing right).

All 12 have been finished in various mixing of red, green, and white. They are still being put together, I had nearly 8 blocks together before I decided I hated it and ripped out the "sashing". Sashing is a quilting term, but I guess it fits here too.

Some of the patterns are "sideways" when knitted, but they will all be facing the same direction in the afghan. Had to decide if I wanted to block these to help with the square-ness, but I decided they are close enough, that a little stretch in the inbetween would make everything look right.

Two turtle doves is one of the "sideways" ones.

These boxes were not knitted in number order. I did the first one first then skipped to the last one. Since my father played tenor in the Spartan Marching Band, it only made seemed right that the "12" drummers drumming should be in green and white.

As can be noted from the fact that I'm still unfinished, Christmas morning only 3 1/2 blocks were wrapped up. I had two boxes, one for Mom and one for Dad, and told them to open together. Dad had a note that said something along the lines of "Twelve drummers drumming from your nine ladies dancing... kinda..."

I danced from first grade until college, I still try to dance as often as possible. It was a quirky note, but it fit.

Mom's box was bigger. It had the first block and the half done block, with the yarn underneath (I used one pound-ers so there was a lot of yarn under)
Her note said something about "started with a partridge, and well... never got finished"

My mother taught me to knit, but she's a quilter at heart. She doesn't always have the time she wants for her projects though. So I added a "like mother like daughter" sentence. She understands projects being unfinished on the date of the shower, birthday, Christmas, etc. The half finished square was the 5 "Golden" Rings. (with my color choice they looked more like wreaths, hehe).

After they opened presents I started knitting right away, I knew I'd bitten off more than I could chew. I think Mom liked watching me make the project more than the idea of having another afghan. The never-ending project is drawing to an end though (Thank goodness says the boyfriend). After tomorrow I will hopefully have the first six blocks connected in reverse order.

In addition to the fun double knit blocks I have cast on in a reversible way, found a reversible pattern for the sashing, and discovered mitre squares. These will all fit together somehow... we shall find out how tomorrow!

First Knitted Blog!

Hooray! I've created a blog to focus my creative energy. Too many ideas and not enough time to knit I needed somewhere to let it all out. Also I'll probably vent a little about my job search. Any one know of a crime lab hiring a forensic chemist?? Give them my name! I'm very willing to move!!

I'm still completing a Christmas present from four months ago, pictures to come soon. And I've begun planning for next Christmas, probably a lot of afghans under the tree this year. Started planning in February, but haven't started knitting yet. Luckily no friends (that I know of) are pregnant (yet) so I have nothing in my way to get these done!

You shall be hearing from me soon, and pictures too!