Tuesday, November 2, 2010

late update

Halloween crafting is my favorite!! I love coming up with ideas for costumes, and going Goodwill shopping and things... but I didn't have much of a plan for this year, last year the roommates did Spice Girls, we looked AWESOME
so then, my good friend at work talks the boyfriend into being sponge bob, easy costume, she even offered to paint the pants, and all he needed was a yellow shirt!
so began my search to be Sandy the squirell
Sandy Cheeks is the only girl in the Bikini Bottom, (other than the puffer fish, and lets face it who wants to dress up as a bloated drivers ed teacher?) Unfortunetly no one sells fish bowls big enough for a human head to fit in... and apparently they don't even sell astronaut helmets, or anything similar to the bubble I would want for my costume. Closest thing I came up with was a giant hamster ball (for guinea pigs or ferrets, etc) but even though it had over a foot diameter, my head didn't fit in the hole (Friend commented that it was probably child proof, darn)
Back up plan!! Sponge-bob's pet snail, Gary...
grabbed an extra box from work, and painted my "shell" the night before the party, lets just say... we looked good :-)
no one seemed to get a good picture of the Bikini Bottom gang, but Gary, SpongeBob and Patrick Star still had fun :-)
Trick or Treat...and Crafting, success

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