Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Fonts

I've been hesitant to write this post, but it needs to be said at some point. So fair warning, this post has some politics in it. I know I know, you never discuss politics in polite conversation.

I no longer shop at Hobby Lobby.

When the Supreme Court allowed a corporation to have more rights than a human being, or rather be more important than women in general, I could no longer spend my money with them. There are plenty of other options in my area, and I've moved on with no regret. JoAnn's is currently my favorite as their online is easy to search, they have plenty of options, and give a student discount!

Now about how this affects ReenieKnits: All these boards were made with letters found at HL. Since I would no longer be shopping there I would need to find another way to make these letters.

JoAnn's happens to carry the large size in the same, or very similar font, (I think the exact same) but I still went and found some more/other options. Now when you order a custom board from me you can choose what style letters you would like.

(To the left) These are called "Casual Day". They are a little bit blocky, and I like them, except for the O.

 (To the right) These are called "Dot to Dot" and the remind me of my high school days making posters or writing notes to the BFF.

I made a comparison shot, of the old with the two new fonts. If the old font is still your favorite, be aware that I do not have all the letters, and it may not be possible. Though, I am still hoping I can find another seller and get that font back in my inventory.

So good bye Hobby Lobby, its been nice knowing you. You provided wonderful fake flowers for my wedding. You were always so generous with the wrapping paper. I could count on you for the endless hours of time wasted scoping out the new fun quirky things you had on your shelves. No more, until you provide your employees with the compensation they deserve, the compensation they are guaranteed by law, I say good bye.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

To-do list

As always, my to-do list is full. Here are a few of the highlights:
*knit Browns hats
*knit dual cable mitts
*knit another baby blanket
*update Ready To Sell page
*update Wooden Boards
*blog about new fonts
*blog about Yard Sale
etc. Oh, and maybe I should take a shower... ;-)
Working on the first one tonight, and since season premieres are next week, there is not much on tv tonight. Means no distractions, yes? Its a busy life to be a stay at home mom who is never home. The last four will never be checked off for long, so I guess I'll just focus on knitting as much as possible :-D and cross my fingers for a full night of sleep for MissM

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conceptual Knitting

I posted back a bit ago, about the conceptual knitting your favorite football team. Well I think I know how I'll play with it. Skein of Green, skein of White. Knit the number of rows as the number of points that week. Alternate colors every game. Win/Loss does not matter, just try and make a really long scarf :-)
Luckily this week was a by week... So I'm only behind 45+27 rows.

Update on the Yard Sale coming soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yard Sale

This Saturday will be ReenieKnits first public outing!

The local radio stations are having a giant yard sale, where e'rebody will have a booth and be able to sell all their junk. Well, we'll have a little junk, and a little (lot) of awesome.

As always there are just not quite enough hours in the day. Part of that is because my little love, MissM has been teething, and then working through a cold. So sleep was non-existent, which makes the waking hours so much longer, but no more productive (and sometimes less).

The yard sale is two days away, but I want everything done NOW, because otherwise it wont get done? So sewing in all the ends of the washcloths I've been knitting up these last few weeks, and wanting to knit more, and maybe a glass of wine, and some homework that is due Monday.

Tomorrow the sister will come to town, late, and I'll want everything ready to go since Saturday morning will be a rather early one. Good news, I've got a pile of business cards, and already handed one to my neighbor :-) I may be looking into more "shows" like this. If you know of one in your area, send me the link! Reenie and MissM could just come visit you. I have an Aunt (in-law) who may share a booth with me in the Grand Rapids area. Put into motion by a Grandma who wants some M time, of course.

Feeling optimistic, though also drained. Eh, I'll sleep when I'm dead? Too many ideas to slow down now :-)