Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day!

Headed back to campus, new jeans, new last name, same old tennies on my feet :-)

All my days start in the chemistry building (finally) I might actually meet people I'm graduating with these next two semesters. The other best part of the chem building is that the bus stop is directly across the street.
Also finished "Life of Pi" last night, which means my new book is tucked in my bag for bus/between-class reading.

This nerd is ready to get studying again!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

BTS shopping!

School starts in just a week!! so along with books, and bus pass, and things... I wanted new jeans (no peanut residue from work) and some comfy tops that I would feel studious in
So I got the loan refund back, and gave myself a small portion to spend... and spent all of it (oops)

how'd I do?
the final count was: two jeans, one hoodie, pair of shoes, three tanks, five sweaters (though grey/pink there might be on borrowed time) three tees, and a dress (which isn't so much school wear, as I need/want it to go with my nashville boots)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forever Learning

New idea: connected I-chain (as a finishing edge)
I had never heard of this idea, but found it on a pattern last week, and plan to try it out after work today on the baby blankie I just finished (yes! one done!)
Good thing I already finished one because word has come around of two coworkers (one former) who are expecting a second child each. This takes my tally to 5 known pregnancies

Idea I should have known: binding off
Apparently I never learned this correctly! All my knitting life I have knit two, pass one over, continue knitting one at a time, passing the first over...turns out I should have SLIPPED the first stitch! what a silly little thing I have never noticed

Always looking for new things to learn to keep my knitting fun!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Girls night In

and by Girls...I mean me.
Just got off work for the evening, ran to Family Video (which i haven't been to in SOooo long) and rented "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Water for Elephants" tried to get "A Clockwork Orange" but someone didn't return it. I'm having a books-I-read-this-summer-movie marathon!! Yes, the Olympic closing ceremonies are on... but I have been meaning to watch Elephants for a while, and I have the night to myself, so I just jumped on it.
Roughly halfway done with baby blankie #1, and I have some holiday crafting I could start on... so movies sounded like a good evening.
This coming semester I have already made plans for some fun reading, and girl time. Tuesday is my light day at school, so I planned for no work, and make it my study night (I wont be burnt out from long lectures, and hopefully would be more productive) but today talking with some lovely ladies at work decided we needed a breakfast book club!! but then classes started early enough that we would be meeting at dawn, so we changed to a wine and book club, meeting around 7pm or so.
School starts in less than 3 weeks, and I'm both excited and dreading it... gotta get the rest of my summer in before I get stuck studying away!! :-) hope all the rest of your weekends are great

Sunday, August 5, 2012

blah blah blah

Three repeats and nearly a thousand stitches into this baby blanket, and I've "almost" got the hang of it...
oops, guess just because it looks pretty doesn't mean its an easy pattern. You would think the geometric shape would be a simple enough pattern... and sometimes you would be WRONG :-)
Luckily I shrank the blankie a little (hooray, successfully too) so I should make it through before the little one gets here... but when I get a little overwhelmed in the pattern I start flipping through the book, and then I just want to make MORE blankies! oops... not helpful
Hanging with the in-laws today... if only I cleaned my closet more often and could find the outfit I want to wear... oh well, only myself to blame :-P can't decide if I wanna bring a book for the car ride, or the knitting...hmmmm

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The drought is over!

...but we still need rain.
I'm knitting again... thanks in part to baby season, I may or maynot have two pregnant sorority sisters, as well as two close girls that may or maynot be in the process of conceiving, and knowing my co-workers, someone is about ready to misuse their birth control and end up knocked up. So I'm getting a head start!
Had some hours to kill while waiting for the carpet cleaners to finish, and the apartment to dry out, so I spent one of the hours wandering the craft stores... and wound up buying two baby afghan books, a new circular needle, and a pound of yellow yarn (all on sale). So as the Olympics start another night, I'm casting on!!
Also I still have a few projects to finish, so I better get going before I overwhelm myself during school season. ... Here's hoping I finish something before the baby shower invites get here... or before Christmas at least :-)