Sunday, August 5, 2012

blah blah blah

Three repeats and nearly a thousand stitches into this baby blanket, and I've "almost" got the hang of it...
oops, guess just because it looks pretty doesn't mean its an easy pattern. You would think the geometric shape would be a simple enough pattern... and sometimes you would be WRONG :-)
Luckily I shrank the blankie a little (hooray, successfully too) so I should make it through before the little one gets here... but when I get a little overwhelmed in the pattern I start flipping through the book, and then I just want to make MORE blankies! oops... not helpful
Hanging with the in-laws today... if only I cleaned my closet more often and could find the outfit I want to wear... oh well, only myself to blame :-P can't decide if I wanna bring a book for the car ride, or the knitting...hmmmm

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