Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The drought is over!

...but we still need rain.
I'm knitting again... thanks in part to baby season, I may or maynot have two pregnant sorority sisters, as well as two close girls that may or maynot be in the process of conceiving, and knowing my co-workers, someone is about ready to misuse their birth control and end up knocked up. So I'm getting a head start!
Had some hours to kill while waiting for the carpet cleaners to finish, and the apartment to dry out, so I spent one of the hours wandering the craft stores... and wound up buying two baby afghan books, a new circular needle, and a pound of yellow yarn (all on sale). So as the Olympics start another night, I'm casting on!!
Also I still have a few projects to finish, so I better get going before I overwhelm myself during school season. ... Here's hoping I finish something before the baby shower invites get here... or before Christmas at least :-)

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