Friday, August 29, 2014

The Yarn Fairy

Its been a good week for mail! A dear friend in Washington (state) is doing some decluttering, and her stash had to go. I happily accepted the West Coast goodies :-)

Look at that overflowing box!

Contained inside: 4 skeins baby yarn, pink and greens. Another in a redder shade. More Lily&Cream than I care to count (hooray! washcloth knitting!). A large skein of Bernat cotton (perhaps some patterned washclothes?) Two skeins sparkles red yarn (Christmas scarf?). Plus two circular needles and some odds and ends (is this tee-shirt yarn?)

Very excited to start planning projects with that stash.

Meanwhile. Yarn that already has a purpose has arrived! Plus some wooden letters for name boards. Thanks JoAnn's for shipping so quick!

I'll show off the letters soon, as I'm trying out some new fonts. Need to update my inventory and see where I'm at. Lots to organize and get together. For tonight, just listening to Spartan football, and knitting another washcloth.

I had a plan to knit one washcloth a day until the Yard Sale, but I'm already two behind. Hoping to catch up a little this weekend, and now I've got plenty of yarn to keep going with!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


The back-to-school cleaning bug must have bit me!

Sudden burst of motivation after naptime. MissM is encouraging me to continue with ear drum shattering, high pitched squeals. At least, it could be interpreted as encouragement.

I've been hanging on to a lot of old school things, books, notes, power points, lab manuals, etc. Nearly all of it, GONE. Dusted, cleared, and rearranged her shelves and drawers. Then I started sorting things out for the World's Largest Yardsale.

Reenie plans to be there, knitting away. If you are in the area please stop by and see all of our Ready to Sell items in person!

Now, to pick out the perfect business card before the yard sale...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Night Knits

CMS sent me an email that set my mind spinning.

It is called conceptual knitting, and Loopy Yarns wants you to try it for your favorite football team. Pick two colors (team colors, usually) one for wins, one for losses. Pick a number of rows for each game. Then knit! For NFL that means 16 regular season games, or just 16 weeks to complete your project.

Roughly something like this,
with the Championship game in the center?
This creative brain of mine tries to make it more complicated, of course. What if I did all the major MI teams, in one project? Lions, Spartans, and (eww) Wolverines? How awful/eclectic would that finished project look?

What about a B1G patchwork? Each team gets their own block... how many knitting needles would I need for that? Would I take into account bye weeks? A black stripe "randomly" placed through each block... When would I ever actually sew the blocks together? Is this a fun piece for ReenieKnits to sell? Would someone want it, or only if their favorite team was the right color? (Winning color, of course). Is it a small enough project I could take it to campus, or would I never have time to keep up?

Too many thoughts. I need to focus on the project in hand. Though her White Socks scarf made me think of that Detroit D hat I made a while back...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Perfect Timing

Yesterday was the final exam of my last summer course. And today I received a package!
Three books to borrow from a friend. With no more text book reading for at least two weeks, I'm excited to do a little relaxing/fun read!

Reenie is looking into a local "yard sale" where she can bring her crafts to a booth this September. Hope these books don't slow me down too much, I would love to have another couple sets of washcloths.
Also started a new pattern as requested by a repeat customer. (I've made her a unicorn scarf in the past). Dual cable fingerless mitts. Still looking for a nice sport weight yarn for the completed project, but the stash yarn I used to test the pattern looks pretty good.
The finished project wont be green and white, but rather brown and cream. Can't wait! I love new exciting patterns, and fall is perfect cable knits time :-)

Time to crack open these books while MissM is still sleeping. Make the most of these last weeks of summer everyone!

Friday, August 1, 2014

New month

Well Hello August!

So many exciting things this month. Ripping off the calendar page felt good. MissM starts daycare this coming week, and I'm back to campus at the end of the month. Sad to know summer is coming to a close, but looking forward to a crisp fall breeze. Football season, bonfires, and hoodies. Time with MissM will be even more precious as it is fleeting.

I've begun the planning process of her birthday party, but not yet the crafting. What are your favorite ideas for a littles b-day?