Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Night Knits

CMS sent me an email that set my mind spinning.

It is called conceptual knitting, and Loopy Yarns wants you to try it for your favorite football team. Pick two colors (team colors, usually) one for wins, one for losses. Pick a number of rows for each game. Then knit! For NFL that means 16 regular season games, or just 16 weeks to complete your project.

Roughly something like this,
with the Championship game in the center?
This creative brain of mine tries to make it more complicated, of course. What if I did all the major MI teams, in one project? Lions, Spartans, and (eww) Wolverines? How awful/eclectic would that finished project look?

What about a B1G patchwork? Each team gets their own block... how many knitting needles would I need for that? Would I take into account bye weeks? A black stripe "randomly" placed through each block... When would I ever actually sew the blocks together? Is this a fun piece for ReenieKnits to sell? Would someone want it, or only if their favorite team was the right color? (Winning color, of course). Is it a small enough project I could take it to campus, or would I never have time to keep up?

Too many thoughts. I need to focus on the project in hand. Though her White Socks scarf made me think of that Detroit D hat I made a while back...