Monday, February 25, 2013

Shower update

 Well I had a blast. All the worst of the snow missed me and the roads I needed (thank goodness). I spent a penny or two at Hobby Lobby, Party City, and the Dollar store, finding boxes and bows. It was fun, and probably unnecessary.
I absolutely love Hobby Lobby's wrapping paper. Adorable, usually on sale, thick paper, and thick roll. So I got a great gender neutral baby wrap. Lots of pastel "mommies" and "daddies" and elephants and baby things. Party City had some different shaped boxes that I thought would help with the awkward size things I had to wrap, but it didn't much. (Bummer) so instead I bought gaudy ridiculous frilly ribbony things. So cute, yes?
All the responses have been happy from the Moms-to-Be. Madix had a lot of monkey themed things at his shower. I didn't make the other two showers in Ohio, but I saw some cute facebook pictures, and heard good responses. Hope I can get together with some of the sorority sisters and their new little ones this summer or fall. I'll let them have spring and the sleepless nights to themselves ;-)
And also, look what nursery decoration made it to the shower. :-) Wish her belly were more prominent in the picture, because it is dang cute! Ready for baby any day now, and I know the momma is feeling the same way.

So that is the news. Purple blanket finished. Pink blanket started. Etsy update in the making.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Projects

 I thought April had all the showers? but instead it appears to be February. I guess that is fair since the ladies I know are mostly due March/April.
So we start with the combo pack. This lovely lady is one of my very good friends. I got to meet up with her when she was just under twelve weeks along. I was thrilled that they were able to announce at the end of the summer, and quickly went out and bought some yellow yarn. I was going to finish the blankie with a little green, but couldn't find a yarn I loved.

The day they found out boy/girl I double checked the name we talked about (she is being named after Grandmothers) and ran home from school to paint. Blankie, board, and a little stuffed giraffe went in the mail immediately. Next weekend I get to see that baby bump again. Can't Wait!!

 This little lady is a happy honeymoon babe. Lady bugs have been her mother's passion/obsession for a while, so I knew that had to be included. Fun coincidence, our school colors were purple and gold.

Next weekend is also the shower for baby boy Madix. Yes, you read that correctly. I will be traveling to Ohio for one bestie's shower and returning for a coworkers shower the next day. Saturday and Sunday, both babied up.
 Jameson is another Ohio sorority sister. His parents were married just two weeks after me, and their wedding was our honeymoon trip. Guess we missed the memo about having kiddo's right away ;-)
Mom is decking out the nursery in owl adorable woody's stuff. The board turned out a little darker than I liked, but it suited the theme, so I hope she likes.

So this was my quickest blankie ever. Two weeks to completion. Started New Years day, apparently football and knitting worked well for me. Still need to sew the ends in, but that is just my life story. I could see a lot of these being made in my future.

Current Project, loving the texture! Not as quick as the previous, but still nice. I have used up one ball of yarn, and hopefully will make a large dent in the second this weekend.

It did turn out a little skinnier than I would like. As is my style, I shrank the pattern by a few repeats, but I didn't take into account that I'd switched yarns as well. I like little car seat size blankies instead of full crib size blankets, but may have made this one a little too little.
Just knitting away otherwise. Making a dent in the yarn stash, slowly.

As of yet, there is no move date, so the stash does not have an expiration date either. I have purchased the second set of drawers. It contains some stash, some completed blankies, my needles, books, and other odds &ends.