Monday, April 23, 2012

wedding monogram

scrapbook paper modpodged over the letters, fun ribbon from the mom-in-law, little hot glue and a matron of honor to make the bow... craft accomplished.
Also good thing there was a brother-in-law tall enough to put them up :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

wedding crafts

Collected my supplies... a pile of old newspapers, masking tape, 5 glass vases, frosted spray paint, and a bag of rubber bands. We are working on center pieces for the head tables. Luckily the wonderful weather made getting out on the balcony for painting an option.
After taping down the newspapers (windy day) I wrapped the vases with rubber bands. And SPRAYED like crazy, tried to get all sorts of weird angles, and just coat all nooks and crannies with the frosty-ness. Allowed them to dry, then did it again. Allowed them to dry more... then moved them inside to dry for a full 24hrs.
After drying, the rubber bands were removed, and TA-DA! Frosty vases with clear swirly areas. Now these vases will be set on the head tables, and the bridesmaids will set their bouquets in them during the reception. Instant (or 48hrs) centerpieces!
Second project... wedding monogram. Simple cardboard letters from JoAnn's and a book of black and white scrapbook papers... just some scissors and modpodge, and HOORAY! reception decorations! Completed pictures to be posted later.
Wedding is TWO weeks away!!! woah