Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

Erin Brockovich and a basket of blankets. What are you doing tonight??
I've got at least 4 knit blankets that don't have their ends tucked in. Got a nice little zip-lock to save the ends for Momma and the birdies in her yard. Pink blanket is getting close to finished.

And some spring break pictures:
 We went to beautiful Gatlinburg, TN. Where we stopped at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. Seriously it is voted the best aquarium for a really good reason. We saw this cutie penguin out in the play area (penguins can swim under the public hallway into a outdoor area) her name was Maggie, so we snapped a picture.

The best part of the aquarium is their Shark Lagoon. They've got a moving sidewalk underneath the tanks. So you can walk around over the tank looking in, and then you can go UNDER the tank as well. It is pretty awesome. The hubster was thoroughly impressed.

After the touristy stuff, then we did some sight seeing. National Park of the Smokies is right in Gatlinburg as well. So we drove out there in the afternoon. It was a bright pretty day, so the guide suggested we do Clingman's Dome. Basically its a lookout on one of the highest mountains. So. Dang. Beautiful.

So we drive out through the park, already pretty, and start climbing the switchbacks into the mountain. It was a really nice drive. Without all the blinking signs and tourist traps that we just passed through. All mountains, and trees, and even a little snow left over. So you drive out, and then climb up the rest of the way. 15-20minutes up a rather steep incline.

But you look to the left, and you suddenly get your wind back. The view is amazing (Have I said that already?).

At the top of the mountain you walk on up to the observation tower, and on a clear day like we had, you can see for about 200miles. Insane, right?

The hubster and I on top of the world (at least, east of the Mississippi).
Hope everyone else is having a great Lazy Sunday, but maybe getting a little something done as well.