Sunday, June 27, 2010

knitted item spotted

Baby Kira saying goodbye as Daddy deploys for the next year.

Best blankie to bring, on a windy day at the base?? a hand knit of course.

Haven't seen the little girl in a few months as Mommy got a new job, but its nice to know she's getting great use out of my gift.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A month later...

Yesterday was father's day... and I haven't updated since mother's day. Guess I should let you in on whats been happening this past month (and a half).
First off, the slippers felted and comfy!
though they almost don't need the strap or button... and I just haven't had time to put those finishing touches on. Definitely a quick project that I loved a lot, I'm sure more will be made for Santa to drop off.

A coworker has discovered that she was 11 weeks along, and finally a project I'd been wanting to do since last Sept. had a purpose. I went out RIGHT away (after work) and bought the yarn. Its multi-color so it will work for a baby of either sex.I love it, and its FAST! since I'm about a third done and it's only been a week. It will have a crochet border, which might take me a while, since I'm not a crochet-er, but it inspired me for the X-mas blanket, this type of criss-cross block might be perfect, if I can just figure out the right sizing. Its a lot of picking up stitches and knitting/purling together in opposite directions, then short rows for the triangles, so maybe.

Another project I want to try, perhaps for myself and my new job.Its from LionBrand Yarn, (as was the baby blanket) and I really like the shape. It's meant to be fitted, so I worry about my gauge, but it would be nice in a charcoal with black pants for work. Or in black with gray pants... and it also might be a good item for Santa to have. Have to finish the baby blanket, and perhaps the X-mas afghan first, but its on my "want to do" list.

The "need to do" list includes laundry, so I guess this post is completed, and I'll try to knit more and update more.