Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire...

heard that song today, while clearing my inbox of the Publisher's Clearinghouse emails I get...
what would I do if I actually won the million dollars a year for the rest of my life?? omigoodness, lots of ideas on how to blow the money right away, but frankly I would get bored quitting my job and trying to live off that money.

SO, here's my current thoughts:
**Year One: pay off student loans, put away money for upcoming years at school. Buy a new wardrobe!! (and maybe a closet organizer)
**Year Two: hire Mike Holmes to do whatever my parents want to their house (bay window, egress for the basement, man cave, kitchen appliances, etc)
**Year Three: Joey and I get new cars!! both ours are paid off now, and mine will deff last that long, his might have to bought earlier. Also maybe all the sisters can take a vacay together?
**Year Four: Build a dream home. Until this time we could continue living in our little cute two bedroom and saving money, so we would have the excess from the first 3 years, plus this year million. It would be a good house. Hopefully by now I would have a big kid job so I would know what city to build in as well.
**Year Five: .... I have no clue, What will I need in 2015??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Decmeber 25th

Merry Christmas!!!

wooo, I thought exam week was tough, just proves I've never worked retail at holiday season. Got some overtime last week, and my body is feeling the two jobs... feet are ready to fall off. But I only work 8hours there this week, so perhaps I will finally relax and update this blog.

time to wrap an unfinished knitted present, and make up to head to Christmas

everyone stay warm, travel safe, and have a joyous holiday! <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this is not an update...

but an update is coming!!
last week of classes, had a test yesterday, hand in final due Thursday, test Friday and final exam Monday.... so after all that, I will get pictures up!!