Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire...

heard that song today, while clearing my inbox of the Publisher's Clearinghouse emails I get...
what would I do if I actually won the million dollars a year for the rest of my life?? omigoodness, lots of ideas on how to blow the money right away, but frankly I would get bored quitting my job and trying to live off that money.

SO, here's my current thoughts:
**Year One: pay off student loans, put away money for upcoming years at school. Buy a new wardrobe!! (and maybe a closet organizer)
**Year Two: hire Mike Holmes to do whatever my parents want to their house (bay window, egress for the basement, man cave, kitchen appliances, etc)
**Year Three: Joey and I get new cars!! both ours are paid off now, and mine will deff last that long, his might have to bought earlier. Also maybe all the sisters can take a vacay together?
**Year Four: Build a dream home. Until this time we could continue living in our little cute two bedroom and saving money, so we would have the excess from the first 3 years, plus this year million. It would be a good house. Hopefully by now I would have a big kid job so I would know what city to build in as well.
**Year Five: .... I have no clue, What will I need in 2015??

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