Friday, March 18, 2011


...on the updating, not on the knitting...
or hopefully the job searching. I don't need a new job, I have two, and they keep me busy and my bank account happy. But I wouldn't mind working in a lab instead of a mall or restaurant. SOoo two new places got my resume this week. Yay!

Florida trip for Forensic Entomology was great, though it is making this weekend super hectic and stressful. Test today, that project Monday, and another test Tuesday... geez I'm only taking 10credits, how does that happen?? oh well, enough complaining!!
!!!Warning decomp picture coming up!!
So the Florida trip. Flight there was great, had to almost run through the Atlanta airport because my first flight couldn't get in to its gate, so we were sitting around waiting while I'm watching my watch tick tick tick... then the second flight was delayed just a little, phew, safe. Girl sitting next to me was cool we chatted and I knitted instead of read because she was fun to talk to. :-) girl in front of us turns around and says, Forensic Entomology? me too! and thats how I met my roommate.
!!!Warning decomp picture coming up!!
So we were in class basically 9-5 everyday with a 20-40min break for lunch. It was exhausting, and we had reading to do every night when we got back to the hotel, they really crammed a lot into that week, but so much of it was interesting... I just wish we had gotten more sunshine, even when doing field work we were in a forest area so not much sun filtered through.
The gave us a break Tuesday and took us to University of Florida's Natural History museum. They have a sweet Butterfly Rainforest...and since Butterfly's are insects too it counts as learning entomology right??
!!!Warning decomp picture next!!!
so after that, here's my piggy. We named her Wilma after Charlotte's Web's Wilbur. Luckily she was only a day in the forest at this point, so not too gross to look at.Moral of the story, learned lots, hopefully some crime lab will look at the experience and go, that's the kind of girl we want working for us! But for now just have to finish this project and get a great grade!! Here's the prof:whatdya think? tough grader?? haha

Great news... I have new jewelery! <3