Monday, February 25, 2013

Shower update

 Well I had a blast. All the worst of the snow missed me and the roads I needed (thank goodness). I spent a penny or two at Hobby Lobby, Party City, and the Dollar store, finding boxes and bows. It was fun, and probably unnecessary.
I absolutely love Hobby Lobby's wrapping paper. Adorable, usually on sale, thick paper, and thick roll. So I got a great gender neutral baby wrap. Lots of pastel "mommies" and "daddies" and elephants and baby things. Party City had some different shaped boxes that I thought would help with the awkward size things I had to wrap, but it didn't much. (Bummer) so instead I bought gaudy ridiculous frilly ribbony things. So cute, yes?
All the responses have been happy from the Moms-to-Be. Madix had a lot of monkey themed things at his shower. I didn't make the other two showers in Ohio, but I saw some cute facebook pictures, and heard good responses. Hope I can get together with some of the sorority sisters and their new little ones this summer or fall. I'll let them have spring and the sleepless nights to themselves ;-)
And also, look what nursery decoration made it to the shower. :-) Wish her belly were more prominent in the picture, because it is dang cute! Ready for baby any day now, and I know the momma is feeling the same way.

So that is the news. Purple blanket finished. Pink blanket started. Etsy update in the making.

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