Friday, August 29, 2014

The Yarn Fairy

Its been a good week for mail! A dear friend in Washington (state) is doing some decluttering, and her stash had to go. I happily accepted the West Coast goodies :-)

Look at that overflowing box!

Contained inside: 4 skeins baby yarn, pink and greens. Another in a redder shade. More Lily&Cream than I care to count (hooray! washcloth knitting!). A large skein of Bernat cotton (perhaps some patterned washclothes?) Two skeins sparkles red yarn (Christmas scarf?). Plus two circular needles and some odds and ends (is this tee-shirt yarn?)

Very excited to start planning projects with that stash.

Meanwhile. Yarn that already has a purpose has arrived! Plus some wooden letters for name boards. Thanks JoAnn's for shipping so quick!

I'll show off the letters soon, as I'm trying out some new fonts. Need to update my inventory and see where I'm at. Lots to organize and get together. For tonight, just listening to Spartan football, and knitting another washcloth.

I had a plan to knit one washcloth a day until the Yard Sale, but I'm already two behind. Hoping to catch up a little this weekend, and now I've got plenty of yarn to keep going with!

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