Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Perfect Timing

Yesterday was the final exam of my last summer course. And today I received a package!
Three books to borrow from a friend. With no more text book reading for at least two weeks, I'm excited to do a little relaxing/fun read!

Reenie is looking into a local "yard sale" where she can bring her crafts to a booth this September. Hope these books don't slow me down too much, I would love to have another couple sets of washcloths.
Also started a new pattern as requested by a repeat customer. (I've made her a unicorn scarf in the past). Dual cable fingerless mitts. Still looking for a nice sport weight yarn for the completed project, but the stash yarn I used to test the pattern looks pretty good.
The finished project wont be green and white, but rather brown and cream. Can't wait! I love new exciting patterns, and fall is perfect cable knits time :-)

Time to crack open these books while MissM is still sleeping. Make the most of these last weeks of summer everyone!


  1. Guess I will have to return the cable hook I borrowed two-ish years ago!

    1. You borrowed? Eh, guess it was a gift. Also, I have plenty!