Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yard Sale

This Saturday will be ReenieKnits first public outing!

The local radio stations are having a giant yard sale, where e'rebody will have a booth and be able to sell all their junk. Well, we'll have a little junk, and a little (lot) of awesome.

As always there are just not quite enough hours in the day. Part of that is because my little love, MissM has been teething, and then working through a cold. So sleep was non-existent, which makes the waking hours so much longer, but no more productive (and sometimes less).

The yard sale is two days away, but I want everything done NOW, because otherwise it wont get done? So sewing in all the ends of the washcloths I've been knitting up these last few weeks, and wanting to knit more, and maybe a glass of wine, and some homework that is due Monday.

Tomorrow the sister will come to town, late, and I'll want everything ready to go since Saturday morning will be a rather early one. Good news, I've got a pile of business cards, and already handed one to my neighbor :-) I may be looking into more "shows" like this. If you know of one in your area, send me the link! Reenie and MissM could just come visit you. I have an Aunt (in-law) who may share a booth with me in the Grand Rapids area. Put into motion by a Grandma who wants some M time, of course.

Feeling optimistic, though also drained. Eh, I'll sleep when I'm dead? Too many ideas to slow down now :-)

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