Monday, August 20, 2012

Forever Learning

New idea: connected I-chain (as a finishing edge)
I had never heard of this idea, but found it on a pattern last week, and plan to try it out after work today on the baby blankie I just finished (yes! one done!)
Good thing I already finished one because word has come around of two coworkers (one former) who are expecting a second child each. This takes my tally to 5 known pregnancies

Idea I should have known: binding off
Apparently I never learned this correctly! All my knitting life I have knit two, pass one over, continue knitting one at a time, passing the first over...turns out I should have SLIPPED the first stitch! what a silly little thing I have never noticed

Always looking for new things to learn to keep my knitting fun!


  1. Hmm, since I taught you to knit. I guess that means I have to learn something new. Or else you didn't listen when I taught you. :p

  2. I probably didn't listen, as I was busy tangling the yarn and throwing the scarf across the room...