Monday, April 19, 2010

warm fuzzies

Well I spoke too soon about not knowing anyone expecting. As soon as I went to knitting club (Delta Township District Library) Lisa tells us she's expecting! Congrats to her :-)

This past weekend I traveled back to my college town of Defiance, OH to see the sorority girls. It was wonderful, I miss those girls so much and seeing how they have grown and changed since I graduated is always fun. When I was involved 13 girls was about the biggest we got. They are at 21 and still inviting more girls into the sisterhood! It also gave me a new craft project for them. I had to make 20 or so "warm fuzzies". Just little balls of yarn really. There was a whole story to go along with it, but the greek storage room flooded a few years back :-\ and we lost it.

One of the older sisters also offered me a job this summer!! wooo! Its not forensic chemistry, but it could be a little forensic anthropology. Mostly it will be archaeology which will still be fun, and it'll be a good month away from the restaurant business. Final details still to come, but its always good to add something new to your resume.

My room needs some desperate cleaning, but my knitting is calling to me, so I think television with needles in hand this morning will happen. Light work schedule this week, (until I pick up extra shifts) so I'll find time later... perhaps

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