Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday crafting

didn't have to work the lunch shift!! woo hoo, so since there's a baby shower Tuesday at the Delta Township District Library Crafters club .... guess I should put something together for the little one

Lisa is not the type that I thought would want a baby pink filled room... so I tried to limit myself O:-) and since she had a baby animal theme going I grabbed a couple little wooden/felt guys to adorn her name plaque (didn't really limit myself there)
Don't know how its all gonna fit together, but I got up this morning and did the painting while Joey slept. Now we've got the Ohio State/Illinois game on, pizza and breadsticks, ready to settle in for a relaxing crafting afternoon.


  1. Very cute, so when do we get to see the finished products??? MOM

  2. Need new batteries in camera. and studying this morning... probably a new post tomorrow or Weds