Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well I've been in the new apartment a month and a half, so its time to get some color up on the walls! I painted this shelf a while ago, but we still haven't put it on the wall. Now the plan is to add a couple screw-in eyelets and chain and hang these plaques I put together.

Then I guess everyone will know who lives here :-) Joey doesn't want it hanging on our door though, he wants it inside so its a little silly. but oh well.

At my first apartment, when I was SUPER broke I started painting picture frames because you can get them for a dollar, paint is cheap enough, and it wasted time so I wasn't spending money. Plus, it makes an apartment a little cozier with a splash of color and smiling faces all around.

These are the frames I just painted to add to our hallway of photographs. Now that there's a steady job I can afford to get glass in them as well. So I'm slowly doing that, but I don't know what to add to these three to give them a little something more.

In knitting news, the 12days are still going great, loving the entre-lac blanket even if I did make it huge now, instead of just a little lapghan.

This is the start of my new project. Have to add two more colors to the palate and there will be black surrounding each of these little blocks. When everything is said and done it will look like a stain glass window.
Also need to get started on Christmas, thinking more and more about using my employee discount at Things Remembered, we shall see... but I better get started soon!!

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  1. You have no comments so I am commenting.... Yep that is all. I read your blog. I looked at your pics. The End. Written by Christina