Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Expanding family

This weekend was a good one in the Reenie family. My sister gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. MissM is no longer an only grandchild. I am now an Aunt!! We were expecting a July baby, but the end of June sounded better to the babe, and who can argue with that?

In knitting news, I've finished a set of three dish/wash cloths. Lily&Cream is on sale too! Might be worth a trip to JoAnn's to stock the stash drawer. Wash cloths are great little projects as you can't really lose your spot, so I can knit while she's awake or napping!

Working on the finishing touches for new niece's wooden board, pictures will be posted after her mom has received. May have an order for 3 sisters name boards. Little monkeys, already thinking of Christmas presents! Excited to talk ideas with their mother and get crafting!

Hope everyone has a good 4th. We'll be taking our little rockstar to the pool for the first time.
It will be nice that Dad actually gets to participate in a first :-) It also means this postpartum body needs to go shopping!

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