Monday, July 21, 2014

Red Pajamas and Washcloths

Saturday M and I took a trip up to the mall, and our local Barnes&Nobel. Storytime included a visit from Llama Llama! She was a little cranky from bad timing of naps, but she sat nicely while they read three books. She was more interested in the couple of three-ish years olds behind us, but still. :-)

We then got to do a "craft" which was really just coloring. They also had squares of colored paper you could glue to the bottom of your picture as Llama's quilt. The five minute ride back home was enough for her to be OUT, naptime!

Meanwhile, Reenie has more projects going up in the Ready to Sell page.

Set of three washcloths. The color is named "beach blues" or something similar, but I paired it with a solid purple. I finished the last cloth while video chatting with some of my Dec. girls. It was our own Mom's night out, except in!

When I was first learning to knit I could finish a dishcloth in the length of a Nascar race. I think I'm even quicker now. My aunt was one of my first customers back then. She used a dishcloth until it fell apart, and then paid for me to make her more. :-D

Another set, and I still need to tie in the ends. Colors are much more vibrant in person. I'm deciding on what solid to include in this set, or if I should sell it as two. My thoughts stray to sets of 3 and 5, $10 and $15. Still deciding though.

As you can see, I still have yarn so many more wash cloths to come! MissM is up, so more blog updates later!

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