Saturday, July 12, 2014

Aunt x2

Well Reenie has done it again! Become an Aunt!!

Sister-in-law finally went into labor early Friday morning. She was 10 days overdue, and impatiently waiting (I've felt her pain). Baby girl got the memo and evacuated the premises. Baby girl is a little peanut, just like her daddy. Can't wait to see her tomorrow and get all the snuggles.

Niece #1 should be getting a package today. The tracking says "Out for delivery". Inside are some cousin shares, a new gift for Mom, and a Wooden Board for the nursery (Pictures to be posted after they confirm it was received).

M is a book lover too!
In reading news: I finally finished the Scarlet Letter! Man, that is a wordy book. I moved on to Gone Girl, and am making much faster progress. Taking suggestions for what to read next! Please leave a comment! I only made my Goodreads goal 12 this year, as I knew the infant would take up some (all) of my spare time. I'll have to check my classics list, but I think after another fun quick read I'll try to tackle Oliver Twist again.

I shall post again soon. With photos of all the projects I've completed lately. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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