Monday, July 7, 2014

Name plate finished!

All packaged up and ready to go. The new parents are in the process of moving, so we are waiting to send.

Meanwhile, the Reenie family took a much needed vacation this past weekend. Thursday night I put MissM in the Ergo carrier and walked over to a friends. She fell asleep on the walk, but woke when we got there. Too many voices. She was not a fan. Yet, she slept right through the fireworks.
Loud bangs, okay, adults talking, not okay. Noted.

Friday we packed the car and drove 45 minutes to the zoo. Unfortunately MissM took fifteen to fall asleep, so only a half hour nap. We walked around the zoo for a while, fed a Giraffe, peeked at a baby monkey, tried to pet a llama (s/he was uninterested in us). M fell asleep in the stroller, and then got woken as we were boarding a tram. After lunch (for all of us) we ventured out of the zoo and met up with her Aunt. Played there for a while, ate again, then started getting sleepies. So we packed her up and headed to our hotel. Another broken nap though. Finally got a decent nap after we'd settled in. Tried to take her swimming. Not a huge fan, says the overtired lady.

Saturday was nice and relaxing. We tried the pool again, and it was a decent success! Maybe we still have an Olympic swimmer on our hands. Had lunch out with her Aunt, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Napped in her cousin's crib (what, she's not using it?). Then back to another relaxing night at the hotel. Sunday we packed up and came home early. Good to be home, she says.

Mr.Reenie was back to work bright and early this morning, and this Reenie is ready to put the finishing touches on her knit washcloths.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!!

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