Monday, June 23, 2014

Goal Reached!

Well, the Facebook page is going well. Tomorrow will be one week of being up and live, and we have already reached (and starting to surpass) our goal! Hooray! Thank you to my family for sharing my page and getting my name out there.

This weekend I didn't get any knitting in, as we had a family wedding to attend. This was M's first time with a non-grandma babysitter. Eeek! The girl we hired actually used to be baby sat by yours truly. Small world, cyclical babysitter, or something :-) I was anxious, mainly because I'm a first time mom, but also MissM has been a bit futsy about her bedtime. Thankfully, it went smooth and girlfriend played, ate, and slept great for her. Guess I should allow myself a few mom's night outs.

Speaking of, my birthday is tomorrow! MissM and I have a lovely day of nothing planned. We will head up to old work for lunch. See the people, and enjoy the food we used to be sick of. The husband will be working all day, with maybe a break to deposit his paycheck and stop home for a minute. Wednesday is his day off, so we will relax, celebrate and have birthday dinner that day. I still have not decided where I want to go. Olive Garden and Red Lobster were top contenders as they are across town and we rarely make the drive, then someone mentioned my favorite Mexican joint... Decisions, decisions.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal!
    P.S. 'Someone'?! Don't you mean your best friend Claire?! ;-)

    1. LOL. Maaaaaaaayyyyybe that was who it was ;-)