Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nearly there

More pictures of some ready to sell items. Slowly, slowly I am getting this business set up.

I wish I had more time to knit, but then I also wish I had more time to sleep. Such is life, never quite enough hours in the day. Happy with my time with M, and as much as I wish for more hours, I wouldn't trade my time with her.

Filling out paperwork for her daycare. She'll start in August. Just a trial day the first week. Then two days the second week. Then two or three, then a full week. I'll be on campus basically 9-5 going from being a SAHM to missing my kid 4.5days a week is going to be something.

Meanwhile, ReenieKnits!

Green/Yellow blanket with the slanted eyelets is ready! This week I'll knit up a matching hat or two. I have plenty of this yarn leftover. I also need to sew a "knit by" tag onto this one.

No green yarn left (that I saw). So no matching hat with this blankie. Nice 32inch square. I love the thick border on this pattern. Ready to go!

I recently set up a PayPal account. So now my biggest stepping stone is shipping. Also, not using etsy means I have to promote myself. So, boxes and word of mouth! Hopefully soon I'll be contributing to the family budget again. Or at least paying for the mommy and me classes I want to enroll in...

Until then, small projects.

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