Monday, October 29, 2012

the ultimatum

well I would call it a goal, but there isn't a definite end date.
three crates of unfinished projects
Alright, it appears I've started at the end of my story. So here's the beginning... I'm messy. Very messy. And I'm addicted to yarn. Therefore, my stash has grown, and grown and grown, and quite possibly is out of control....
drawer of yarn from completed projects....

a tub full with extra on top in the closet

lots of new yarn... seriously, I might be addicted

 So, the decision today was to buy this 5 drawer tower. All of my yarn will go in it... if it doesn't fit I need to get rid of it. I must knit with it, or get rid of by the time we move out of this apartment, or need the second bedroom for a baby, or a long-term house guest. Since there are no plans to move, and no babies on the way, really I have forever to get rid of the yarn... but I'm going to try to at least head that way, and TRY to stop buying it every time it is on sale.

When I get that going I will buy a second set of drawers to contain COMPLETED projects (or unfinished in the top drawer only?) and if I'm not selling/giving it away, then there is no room to knit more. And I will have made a nice stock for selling without cutting into my profit.

So that's the plan... but I'll get started tomorrow ;-)

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  1. No more new yarn till you finish all your 1/2 started/almost done projects!!

    Also check out my friends blog- she talks about moving and storing yarn also.