Monday, October 15, 2012


seriously thinking about selling my crafts again
so working on building up a collection of knit blankies, and pondering better storage for my other craft supplies. I need an area to create if I'm going to supply for paying customers... so cleaning, organizing and knitting while contemplating how/where/what to sell
I made a knit hat with a Tigers D on it in less than 24hrs with a shift at Logan's in that same day, with them playing in the ALCS it would be a great time to sell them, I could charge $10-15 and make a nice profit, but I don't have any ready to ship... hmmmm
Personalized wooden signs for baby gifts (or sorority big/little even) are easy and quick to make, but a little hard to ship...
many pieces of the puzzle have to fit together, but... knitting, studying and staying busy

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