Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long overdue

Lets start off by saying "Sorry followers!!"
I'm busy... I love it, but you miss out on all my fun multi-tasking. So trying to recap the last six months may take more than one post. I will try to remember everything and let you in on what happened.

School started back up, I was taking CalcIII (Multi-variable), Bowling, and Boxing Conditioning. It was SOOoo much fun. I started my school days with bowling, had a great team that was able to just relax and wake up with an hour of bowling. Loved it, and I was actually getting better which helped :-)Boxing was AMAZING!! at first it was sweaty and gross, and I was weak and tired. But I got my strength back, and could finally feel some ab muscles!Joey won a trip to the Tigers game on a MillerLite sponsored bus. No driving, no parking fees, and free tickets. We made sure to ENJOY it

no fun Halloween pictures to post, I didn't even make a costume :-(
Halloween crafting is some of my FAVORITE because you craft yourself, but I was working, and not looking for a party to jump to right after work. So I relaxed and studied, and used facebook to post my old childhood costumes (some of which are Legen--wait for it--dairy!!) it was a good time.
Instead I was working on crafting some baby blankies!! Because of my busy-busy-ness I have started making much smaller blankies. No longer do I knit large over-sized blankets, but focus on "car seat size". Not only does it help me, but for the new parents there is less to get caught in seatbelts, or bunched up when you try to snuggle with that little bity one.
Two coworkers were expecting, so my needles were burning. I did similar weave patterns, but different enough that I didn't get bored and unable to finish.

Novemberclasses, are winding down. I was baking (a lot) and I was starting to STRESS!!
one of my bestest friends was moving from Ohio to Tennessee. She'd gotten a job, and had a few weeks to pack up her entire life and transfer it. I made two quick weekend trips with 5hour drives each way to help pack and party with her. Lots of miles, lots of gas, and not a lot of sleep. But I love this lady, so WORTH it.
She wanted me to apply to the company, and since we have the same undergrad degree, I understood what a good idea that would be. But I didn't feel I had the time. I knew the holidays would go quick, and after that we would be headed quickly towards wedding day. I felt like I had NO time at all.

Found the time to improve my resume, and sent it off to the company. Within the week I had gotten a call back. I knew that Bestie had given them my name, so things would be sped up, but DANG that was fast, and intimidating. Luckily I must have come off as confident because I was put on the calender for a follow up in February.
Exams, holiday hours at the second job, and visiting two families. When I said busy, exaggeration. Spent New Years Eve at work. When we finished closing went home, changed and just cuddled up on the couch. Midnight passed with a kiss, woo!

New semester. Calc IV (Differential Equations) and Quantitative Analysis.
More to come on 2012 in a later post!!

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