Sunday, June 12, 2011


So I mentioned earlier I was thinking of selling on Etsy. Still haven't quite talked myself into it. First off, its a hobby, do i want to make my relaxing fun me time into a "job"?? Then again, the bank account wouldn't mind a little extra coming in, and if I enjoy it why not!?
Second, would they sell? does anyone wanna pay for these cutesy thinggys... I mean, its no work of art. My sister (who is my first sale) and her hubby say YES! my friends at the crafters club say yes, my facebook friend says yes... and yet, I still wonder. Here's a few I was playing with:

after playing around this one was actually set in place and glued. Still debating the hanging aspect for it. Do I want to tack some saw tooth whatevs on the back for nail hanging it on the wall (and how do I make those level?) Or do I want to put a ribbon/chain ontop like I did for the first?
Sister's nephew, Safari themed little boy

This one I gave for a baby shower, and she loved it, and hung it (is still hanging?) over little girl's crib. I used eye hooks screwed into the top and looped the ribbon through, I hated the tie at the top, but couldn't get a bow to lie flat.
So those are some... and I think the reasonable price to sell them for would be around $25, plus shipping. I don't have that part figured out yet. Etsy charges 20cents to list an item for sale, then when it sells take 3.5% of the sale price... do I wanna work with them? or just when a friend asks do for them (of course I would not be selling as many)
Things to think about, but if I don't get changed I will be late for real work... hmmmm, Sunday morning thoughts...

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