Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Years Eve

well, we are more than halfway through the year. Here's how I'm doing on the resolutions...

Charlotte's Web (again)
Little Women
(half of) Oliver Twist
Lord of the Flies
Catcher in the Rye
Pride and Prejudice (in progress)

Money actually in the savings account... not doing so hot, $300 or so, and most of that is from tax returns. I know I have cushion money in my checking that I could afford to move to savings, but I just haven't, need to focus on that this second half of the year

Time for me... okay, been doing crafting and watching girly movies on my nights off. School gets intense sometimes and I wish I had more free time, but when I do have time I think I'm doing alright at balancing things that must be done, and doing nothing. Wedding planning made this harder, since my time of is often spent with that checklist, but its exciting, so worth it! :-)
Either way, I'm happy, so time for me is going well I guess

Pictures of crafts and that nature will come in a later post.

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