Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ramble ramble

it seems the waiting game is maybe possibly, almost coming to a close. Hubster has had multiple phone chats with corporate, and after another voice mail yesterday, all seems to be the stars are lining up. Guess that means I better really start cleaning that second bedroom. Still waiting on at least two more check marks before any dates and cities are discussed. Tricky part there is OF COURSE its the holidays, busy busy season. So maybe when these other check marks get taken care of they'll tell us it'll be closer to Valentines Day before anything happens, which is okay, and not okay.
So, meanwhile my own waiting game... they finally made me a bartender! woo now instead of $2.65 I'll make something like $4 an hour (plus tips) hahaha...
also less than two weeks until exams, lots of studying being avoided in this household... errr, happening? My tutoring students were still all A's in Algebra and Chem before Thanksgiving (woo hoo!)
and I'm going line dancing tonight :-D
this was supposed to happen at the beginning of the month, but then I got called with another student to tutor, but she didn't like me, and then I had a test, and then it was Thanksgiving, and finally the LAST wednesday of November we are going! I get to wear my boots, and I'm stoked, pictures? that could happen...
and now I'm rushing out the door to get to campus...

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