Friday, January 28, 2011

School's back

You can deffinitely tell I've been hitting the books and not the crafty ones... I have not knit in two weeks :-(
the upside to this being that all my homework for class has been done ontime, and often ahead of schedule... the down side being that, I have projects I NEED to finish!!
The only crafting I've done this past two weeks has been some painted picture frames. Our hallway is getting full!! but i want to pull them all down and make them level with eachother... project for another day...
while painting the frames I also painted a shelf for the picture frames that don't hang on the wall. When it gets put up I will post pictures. Until then, I need to shower before class, final packing, load car, go to both classes, then pick up the boyfran and away we go!!
Its our mini-vacay!!! since we work all holiday weekends, this is our special own holiday weekend. planned: hotel with swimming pool, Johnny Carrino's Italian Grill, movie; the Fighter, and LOTs of relaxing :-D

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