Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas pictures, and updated stain glass

So, I promised an update after Exams were done, well here it finally is!!
and with a super cute little Santa guy too :-)
My Christmas crafting consisted of making ourselves a place for the cards we were beginning to receive. I bought a pack of 4 square cork boards, and some ribbon from Hobby Lobby, it was tricky, and I think if I were to try again I would do more, but the final look was ok. It sat above our tree in the living room, and worked well... but was a little smallHere's how the tree looked too:
cute right? Also from Hobby Lobby was our tree topper, doesn't light up, but is super shiny
So those are the Christmas pictures I never put up. Nothing too exciting, but felt I should at least post them.

Now on to the knitting updates. All the pieces for the stain glass lapghan were knitted, so the dreaded finishing touches of sewing had to be started. Here's a pic of the black edging all the pieces received:
And the finished, finally sewn together pieces!! No, it was not done Christmas morning, sadly I still haven't mastered that... but I did get overtime at work the week before, so have a GREAT excuse :-\

Next step to the lapghan is the fun finishing touches, MORE knitting!! the two black trim pieces that will sandwich the final product. I decided to knit them at the same time since I had two balls of black anyway. Plus they will absolutely be the same length.
I've nearly reached the halfway spot with knitting, so hopefully before Valentines Day the Xmas gift will be in its giftee's living room.

Other fun Xmas info. Got a cute bag from sister #3 which I already shared with the ladies of DTDLcrafters. And "Knitting Socks from the Toe Up" from sister #1. I'm very excited to knit some socks, its something I've always wanted to do, but been scared because I'm a corner cutter and don't check my gauge (I know, shame on me) so my few sweaters have not lived up to my expectations. Its one of my many irony/oxymoronic natures that I am a perfectionist who wont take time to make it perfect.

But I'm going to do socks right! I'm not allowed to buy yarn until the lapghan is done, so I'm knitting quickly and trying to be good. Gift card to Micheal's from Momma will make it easy to buy some starter yarn to practice with.

OK, well its time to get some homework done, and pay some bills before work tonight. Thanks all for reading my blog :-)

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