Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer of Deep Cleaning

Well, I seemed to have gotten behind on the posting, more on why later.
This summer I took two classes for my teaching degree. Did well in both of them, bought a new (to me) car. A'int she a beaut?

Took a few days off to do absolutely NOTHING productive, picked up a few extra shifts at work, and now I'm ready to dive into this mess of an apartment. The idea is to deep deep clean one room (or room section) a day. By August I'll have a good looking apartment that will just need sprucing up.

I'll be back in fall semester with a few classes for my physical science degree and math minor. I wont have a lot of time to keep things in shape so I need to make sure everything is back clean so I can keep up with the clutter.

Today's mission is the kitchen! Scrubbing walls, floors, and a few pans. Making the counter tops shine. Also a trip to OfficeMaxx to buy some boxes to pack up unused text books in the second bedroom. The second bedroom is the biggest project of the summer. Not only does it need deep cleaning, but huge organization. We have sold the desk, gifted the mattress, and taken several loads to the dumpster as well as a few to Goodwill. We aren't even CLOSE to clean yet. After I get my books packed up, we are getting rid of one of the bookcases.

My boxes/tubs of yarn are on their last few legs. I haven't made enough of a dent in using them, so they will probably be visiting Goodwill also. I will give them a few months into the semester though. At least in my current mind frame that is the plan.

Well I'm off to scrub! I will try to update more often, but no promises. Life is busy!

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