Monday, January 7, 2013

Name my shop!

So I keep talking and talking I'm going to sell my stuff. Well I guess I really want to make this happen. So blog followers, help me name my shop!
Business plan: create area in the apartment for proper photography of items for sale. Coupon for proper yarn stash, and wooden letter stash. Get rid of unnecessary yarn stash. Want 6-8 ready to sell blankets so goal is by summer to have the shop up and running.
Yes I think I will go to Etsy. I like the convenience of not having to run the business side. Plus then it will still be a hobby, not as much of a job.
So comment away!! I need ideas for the shop name and at the moment have none!


  1. Ummm...... ReennieLynnKnits??? or hmmmm have to think....

  2. Other thoughts:
    wooden needles (because I would sell wood items and knit items?)