Monday, December 24, 2012

A year in review

Baby Blankie #1
after a very long weekend, it is finally Christmas Eve, and I am so ready for the two and a half days off work. Hooray!!
Blankie #2, green and purple

Blankie #3
accomplishments this year: four completed baby blankets, one finished fall lap-ghan (only a year late), read 28 books and counting, couple of little wooden name boards
 (one failed :-( due to typo), wedding monogram, key to good marriage framed, five vases, bouquets, and I'm sure more.

The pictures are not the best, my color appears to be off. But the baby blankets used a majority of the same yarn. Started with a yellow yarn that I am working with for Blankie #5 still. Moved on to a green/purple mix. This blanket was one of my favorites. Very easy pattern and forms a neat little look without all the ends hanging off from changing colors (which I hate).
Blankie #4, white with a little green

After this I used only the green for a lacy type blankie, with a big bold seed stitch border. It drove me crazy, but in the best way possible, and I'm sure only I will see the mistakes ::rolls eyes:: (the lies we tell ourselves)

Blankie #4 used up nearly the rest of the green (mint) yarn, and a nice "white" (has mixed in colors) baby yarn. Still have more of that to use up before the move happens if I plan on following through on my 5drawer plan.

Healthy baby boy @ 7lbs
The baby name boards are fun, and I still love doing them. Some how the artist in me has developed ESP and I can read the minds of pregnant mommies I've never met. Baby Gage's daddy works with us, and says the board matches the nursery perfect! Usually I at least stalk the registry for ideas.

Like Brady's board:

I panicked when I saw a facebook post from the mother talking about little Bradey coming soon. Since I would not be able to attend the shower I didn't want there to be an awkward exchange of gifts where mine was a giant mis-spelling of the baby's name. Tried to fix it, but ruined it more. So I just gave the registry items without the craft.
((Advice from this, always trust your instincts, and the Grandmother!))

A big event this year was my own wedding! And of course I had fun planning that :-) and all the great crafts that came with.
wedding flowers

wedding vase, pre frosty spray
monogram pre-scrapbook

beginning of project
My fabulous Maid of Honor was in London leading up to the wedding. And in an adorable shop she found the "key to a happy marriage". So of course I had to frame it! 
finished project

Now I am lucky enough to be helping her plan her wedding! Don't know if I can top her speech, but maybe an already crafted key to happiness or something before the speech will help. ;-)

A few more random crafts/projects:
card for a coworker

set of 4 frames

And that is my year in pictorial review. I hope I have kept you entertained. And/or given your creative juices something to enjoy. Hopefully before the end of 2012 I will update my books of the year. But as hectic as times are no promises ;-)
So enjoy a cup of cocoa and a VERY Merry Christmas :-)

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