Monday, February 7, 2011

dreary weather...

makes for a dreary mood... supposed to do homework on Monday's, hence not working at either job after class.
Not feeling it today, stressed out and have lots to do, but I just can't get motivated because I'm feeling overwhelmed :-\
Taking myself to Hobby Lobby... don't know that I'll buy anything, but at least the option should be there... Have a mostly free day tomorrow, it'll be a bright new day with shiney life choices. So I'll get motivated then... don't worry I put the PRO in procrastination ;-)
ps. sorority sister is having a BOY! so if I wanna do a blankie again, I need to get going... even though I have unfinished projects (which I did work on this morning). I'm just trying to follow through on my new years resolution and take time for myself (see, I'm a pro)
((26 days until Florida))

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